Investment Strategy

CFTT has created investment and spending policies to support current as well as future grant making and administrative needs. The goal of the Investment Strategy is to protect the inflation-adjusted spending power of the Foundation’s charitable assets over time.

The investment objective of the Foundation’s charitable pool is to meet the payout percentage established for grants, plus 2% of underlying growth in the pool. This is an investment objective that attempts to grow the portfolio, after distributions and after inflation. The Investment Strategy prescribes a long-term strategic asset allocation plan, combined with a strict rebalancing policy.

Spending Policy

The Spending Policy is a policy to ensure, over time that future grant distributions will have the same purchasing power as today’s grants. This will maximize grant dollars to address community needs. This year’s spending policy was 3.5% over a sixteen-quarter average.

Financial Partners

The Foundation utilizes certain financial intuitions, located within our region, to manage portions of the Charitable Pool. They include:
North Branch Financial Services
Westminster Consulting