Grant Programs

The Community Foundation for the Twin Tiers awards grants of varying sizes based upon donors wishes, community need, expected impact and organizational capacity.

Name of FundDeadline for ApplicationsAmount Available for 2021

 William "Bill" Ransom, III
Community Service Award

To Be Determined 
Email: [email protected]
North Eastern Potter Economic Development FundThursday, September 23, 2021
Email: [email protected]
Robert J. Sullivan Fund for Bradford CountyThursday, September 23, 2021
Email: [email protected]
David and Carol Keeffe Youth FundThursday, September 23, 2021
Email: [email protected]
Floyd "Vic" Hooker Youth FundThursday, October 21, 2021
Email: [email protected]
 Jordan Wilcox Pediatric Cancer FundRolling until fund is depleted for the year. $400 per family 

Robert J. Sullivan Fund for Bradford County

Robert Sullivan Fund Grants Process

Grant requests should take into consideration the amount the Community Foundation has available to award from the Robert J. Sullivan Fund to nonprofit organizations that serve the residents of Bradford County, PA.

General Criteria for Reviewing Requests

The grant review process is competitive—there are always more funding requests than there is available funding. 

The Community Foundation encourages proposals that: 

Offer creative responses to the community’s most pressing needs and concerns 
Are preventative and farsighted rather than remedial 
Maximize the impact of relatively modest grants 
May involve cooperation or collaboration among program providers 

Generally no grants will be provided for: 
Capital as defined by bricks and mortar 
Annual campaigns, programs, projects and event sponsorships 
Multi-year requests 
Debt reduction 
Sectarian religious purposes 
Clubs, sponsorship of sports teams, fire companies, cemeteries, or services limited to a select membership 
Grants or loans to individuals 
Scholarships, fellowships, honorary awards, or travel grants (except as provided via donor-established scholarship funds managed by high schools and colleges) 

Floyd "Vic" Hooker Youth Fund

 The Floyd “Vic” Hooker Youth Fund carries on Vic Hooker’s legacy and wishes to support the youth of Tioga County, New York. This grant program support youth programs in Tioga County New York.

This fund is an endowment fund held at CFTT and should not be confused with the Floyd “Vic” Hooker Foundation. Please note that for the Floyd Hooker Foundation grant program information, click here.

Applicants who have not submitted a Final Grant Report for previous Floyd “Vic” Hooker Youth Fund grants by the grant deadline will not be considered for funding for this grant cycle.  Below you will find the Floyd Hooker Final Grant Report to be completed and sent no later than the current year's Floyd Hooker deadline.

William "Bill" Ransom III Community Service Award

This award is open to those in the "Valley Area", which consists of Waverly, NY, Sayre and Athens PA.

The Waverly Rotary Foundation in cooperation with the Community Foundation for the Twin Tiers (CFTT) is pleased to announce the request for the Ransom III Community Service Award. 

Rotary was one of the many organizations that Bill was active in and his Waverly Rotary colleagues honor his commitment to community with an annual award that recognizes similar service while benefitting local non-profits.

Bill was a Valley business man and extremely active in many different groups in the community. He served on multiple boards and committees and always provided leadership and vision to these groups. He was active in the Sayre Presbyterian Church, Waverly Rotary Club, Tioga State Bank, Community Foundation for the Twin Tiers (CFTT), Sayre Historical Society, and Guthrie Healthcare System to name just a few. He was committed to making his community a stronger and better place to live, work, and enjoy life. Bill passed away on July 10th, 2014.

The recipient of this award will be someone who displays particular attributes that are consistent with Bill’s beliefs and his relentless contributions and dedication to our community. On an annual basis, nominations will be reviewed through a formal application process. The recipient of the award will then be given the honor of selecting a local charity to receive the award’s monies.

Nomination Form

North Eastern Potter Economic Development Association

The Northeastern Potter Economic Development Association partnered with the Community Foundation for the Twin Tiers (CFTT) to provide an economic development grant program that will provide support to non-profit organizations including 501(c)(3) agencies or charitable programs in the north eastern area of Potter County. This includes the areas of townships and borough served by the Northern Potter School District: Ulysses Township, Ulysses Borough, Harrison Township, Genesee Township, Allegany Township, Bingham Township, and Hector Township. You may pick up applications at any of these municipal offices or download the application.

This may be divided among 2 or more applicants depending on the decision of the Grant Committee.

David and Carol Keeffe Youth Fund

The David and Carol Keeffe Youth Fund will support improving outcomes for youth from birth through career readiness, benefiting Bradford County, Pennsylvania resident's quality of life and economy.

The Dave and Carol Keeffe Youth Fund recognizes the importance of maintaining and elevating the capacity of high performing nonprofits that engage in youth and strengthen families.

The fund prioritizes grants to nonprofits working in youth development and family supports.

This Fund recognizes the community contributions that were made over a lifetime by both David and Carol Keeffe.


Jordan Wilcox Pediatric Cancer Fund

Jordan Wilcox Pediatric Cancer Fund was established by Jordan’s family in his memory.  He succumbed to childhood cancer at the age of seven. The primary purpose for the Fund shall be to provide grant funds for low or moderate income families in Bradford, Sullivan, Tioga Counties in Pennsylvania and Tioga County, NY for expenses, not covered by insurance, which are incurred while their child is undergoing cancer treatments, i.e., chemo or radiation therapy.  Such expenses might include meals, room & board, gas.

Funds Available: Up to $400 is available per person.

Send applications to [email protected] or mail them to CFTT, 104 Lockhart Street, Sayre, PA 18840.

Questions contact Suzanne Lee at [email protected].