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Why a Community Foundation?

As a Community Foundation, CFTT is uniquely able to:

  • Facilitate charitable giving by the donor community
  • Attract financial support from new donors to address community needs
  • Offer local competitive grant funding
  • Enable donors to support the fields in which they have an interest, rather than limiting their selection to a specific charity
  • Provide philanthropic permeance and sustainability
  • Encourage organizations to collaborate and communicate by offering venues for networking
  • Educate the entire community by providing seminars, workshops, one-on-one consultation, and reference materials relating to nonprofit management and operations
  • Increase the capacity of local organizations to achieve their missions on the most cost-effective manner possible

Why Should I partner with CFTT instead of creating a private foundation?

The Community Foundation is a public charity. As a result, donors enjoy maximum flexibility and tax benefits when they make a contribution, whereas the rules governing gifts to a private foundation are more restrictive. Private foundations are subject to excise taxes and various limitations on grant recipients and investments. With a fund at Community Foundation, donors have no meeting or reporting requirements. Donors to the Community Foundation also become part of a “community of givers” who strengthen the Twin Tiers communities.

Learn How a Community Foundation Connects Donors to Causes That Matter to Them