Hand in hand, we will make a difference.

Professional advisors, we support your mission.

It’s that simple. From helping you help your clients navigate the many charitable giving vehicles to explaining complicated tax ramifications to so much more, we are here for you and your clients – so we can all be here for the community.

When we work together, you and your clients will enjoy:

  • Clarity – We believe that to really understand the full scope of any charitable giving opportunity, all information and communications must be direct and clear.
  • Awareness of community issues – For many years, we’ve been at the heart of our region’s community giving. We know the key issues, people, and opportunities – and you will too. With this insider knowledge, you’ll be better able to devise charitable strategies that help your client make informed decisions.
  • Deep understanding of the many giving vehicles – From immediate funding opportunities to creating a new fund to leaving a “forever” legacy, there are so many ways to advise your clients on how best to give. We’ll help you.
  • Dedication to the donor – We can never forget that it’s the donor who makes all this good possible. We stay focused on their needs, and we’re always looking for ways to make the giving process easy and enjoyable for them. We provide many helpful services, like: administrative, accounting, auditing, financial management, due diligence, grant-making, and evaluation.
  • Tax benefits – Since the Community Foundation is a public charity, donors enjoy maximum flexibility and tax benefits when they make a contribution.